Keep Your Knees in the Breeze!

I had such a wonderful ride the other day that I just feel compelled to talk about it. I know some folks who might find motorcycles and bikers off-putting, so I hope I can help them see just what it is that I love so much.

Bikers tend to get a bad name sometimes, but we’ve made a lot of progress in turning things around. I’ve known bikers to be the nicest people I know. We’re rough around the edges, but that’s just how we are. We love strongly and defend our own. A friend who’s a biker is a good friend.

When I got on my chopper yesterday afternoon, I could just smell the breeze better than ever. It can get pretty loud sometimes, but I always feel like I’m in my own world. You don’t really notice the rumble after a while. The wind whips across you and your jacket as you blaze past the cars stuck in traffic.

There are these really important moments, though. The kind where you’re almost meditating. The kind where you feel completely at peace. The kind you’d call your home.

Even when you’re paying attention to the traffic around you, the solitude of just you and your bike—there’s nothing like it.

It was kind of chilly yesterday, but that cool, crisp air tasted like freedom.